Sites and References

These websites and web resources are great tools that will help to meet all your FIRST Robotics needs!

US FIRST ( – The home page of FIRST Robotics in the United States, and beyond

TechBrick ( – The TechBrick Robotics homepage is full of helpful info, outreach ideas, FLL documents, and so much more!

Maryland FIRST ( – FIRST in Maryland central: keep up with the whole range of FIRST Robotics in our area

Chief Delphi ( – The forum of all forums for FRC: keep connected with the FRC community and learn from teams all over the world

The Blue Alliance ( – A complete database of all the FRC teams and events in existence, including rankings, locations, and dates

Robot in Three Days ( – A group of mentors builds an FRC robot in…you guessed it…three days!…and leads you through their building process

Official FIRST Forums ( – Forums for all of FIRST’s four robotics programs

FRC Game Design Committee Q & A ( – Got a question about this year’s FRC rules? Ask the ones who invented them!

UMBC ( – UMBC is the Host of Maryland FLL

Lego Education US ( – Lego Robotics resources for students of all ages

Are Divisions Out Yet? ( – Want to know what FRC Championship division your team is in? Check out this resource from FRC 148!

Here are a few more websites of teams who have helped us out and been gracious professionals to us and the world.

FRC 836 Robobees (

FRC 365 MOE (


AZE’s Social Media